Tomcat Server Cloud Hosting with Unispace PaaS

Create Tomcat Server

The Platform-as-a-Service provides easy steps for Tomcat installation.

1. Register and log into PaaS Developer Dashboard.

2. Click New Environment button.

3. Pick desirable Tomcat version for your application server as shown in the picture below. The cloud platform allows you to use Apache Tomcat versions starting from 6 up to the latest Tomcat 9 depending on your application requirements. All you need is to choose from the versions available in the drop-down list:  

Once the application environment is created, you have ready to use Tomcat application server installed there. To check if Tomcat is running, click Open in browser button next to the web server in the environment.   

The server is properly installed, so welcome Tomcat web server page is displayed in your browser. 

The application server is operating in a separate container (node) which is an isolated virtualized instance, provisioned for a software stack. The container has its own private IP and unique DNS record.   

Change Tomcat server version

If you need to change the version of the installed server, you can do it at any time without losing your data or configuration.

Just click Redeploy containers button next to the node with the Apache Tomcat server.

Select a new Tomcat version (e.g. Tomcat 8) in the appeared dialog and confirm the change.   

Tomcat Clustering and Scaling

Our PaaS can automatically scale application, both vertically and horizontally, as well as set up Tomcat cluster making hosting truly flexible.

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Automatic vertical scaling is made possible by Jelastic ability to dynamically change the amount of allocated resources (RAM and CPU) for a server according to its current demands, with no manual intervention required. This feature guarantees you never overpay for unused resources and saves your time due to eliminating the necessity of handling the load-related adjustments or architectural changes.
In order to set up automatic resource consumption by your Tomcat server, open the environment topology wizard and specify the upper scaling limit of cloudlets (each equals to 128 MiB and 400 MHz) with the slider located at the top:

Your application will work within these limits reducing resource consumption when the load is down or increasing them when the load is up. Thus, you only pay for the resources that are actually consumed. For more information, please refer to the documentation about automatic vertical scaling.